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Can you imagine what trouble a broken spring can bring? Faulty garage doors can easily distract the daily routine in your household. You are late for a meeting but cannot move the car out of the garage because the door won’t make way for you. Or you are already soaking in the rain, wanting to come inside, but the garage door opener would not work because a moving mechanism, particularly the springs, are terribly broken. Most faults that make garage door opening and closing smoothly quite impossible are due to broken or damaged springs. Don’t worry because garage door repair Wedgefield is experienced in taking care of spring problems.

The Experts in Spring Repair

Garage Door SpringsSince garage door springs receive pressure every single time that the door is moved, there could be a time that they may turn loose or be broken. It is common for people who are not maintenance savvy to be surprised with a sudden malfunction. If you do not adhere to regular inspection, you will be clueless if the springs or any other moving part is suffering from the usual wear and tear.

In case you are already in a situation where you need to have spring repair, there is no need to make a fuss. We at garage door repair Wedgefield have trained professionals who are ready to come within short notice to offer the emergency garage door repair service you need. We can provide skilled spring repair to restore the functionality of your garage doors and put your life back in order. Our technicians are trained to do this job, which can be dangerous if you’re not a pro.

Some people try to tamper with spring repair, using only their basic tools and knowledge. This is not advisable. Such a component, subjected to a high level of tension, is not safe for someone who does not have the know-how.You may risk trapping your fingers or suffer from a serious type of injury if you are not lucky. It must be understood that door springs are complicated. Spring replacement and repair require technical skills. They must be handled with specialized equipment. If you want to be safe, you must not try to deal with extension springs or torsion springs on your own. Aside from spring problems, we can also handle any issues you may have with your door, garage door parts and door opener.

Call us if you need our help and expect that we’ll be there immediately as the needs of our customers are always our priority.

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