The Top Garage Door Brands Today

The Top Garage Door Brands Today

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Are you looking to get a garage door opener installed in your home? If so then you have no doubt been wondering about your choices when it comes to brands. You’ve probably noticed that there are quite a few to buy from, but which one is the right one for you? Too many choices can really heighten that sense of buyer’s remorse. So to help you avoid that here are some industry insider opinions on some of the best but affordable opening systems on the market. If you stick to these three brands, you’ll definitely be impressed with your purchase.The Top Garage Door Brands Today

Three of the best

There are few better entrances than a Chaimberlain garage door. They are big on connectivity, silence and power. This makes them ideal for residences with garage doors as main entrances because they won’t be waking you up in the middle of the night when someone comes home, and they won’t come crashing down either.

For the doors themselves, Clopay garage doors are some of the most trusted in the industry. They have a range of styles, designs and materials to suite pretty much any home, and are highly customizable depending on what you need. They also make commercial doors, and so have a strong foothold in the industry, which means that their warranties are reliable.

Genie garages are industry standard and trusted everywhere. They specialize in screw, chain and belt drive motors. They also offer a big selection of accessories like remotes, sensors, cameras, monitors and access panels. For an all in one system that is geared to residential and commercial openers, these manufacturers never disappoint.

Each of the above garage opener brands are brilliant, useful, affordable and not over the top in terms of their gadgetry. This doesn’t mean though that they are not impressive. Mostly they take advantage of modern day technology to amplify the benefits of having an automatic system, and provide both the safety and security one would expect from them.

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